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Here’s a short synopsis of the 2022 South Carolina Scale Model Mega Show, courtesy of Kevin Cook, the president of the show hosts, the AMPS Central South Carolina “Wildcats” Chapter.

We held our 2022 SC Scale Model Mega Show on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at the SC Army National Guard Armory at 1225 Bluff Road, Columbia, SC 29201. This year’s theme was “The Atomic Age, 1946-1960”. This show was a success, certainly better than last year’s show. 

On Friday, 17JUN22, we setup the show in the Armory venue. We setup 49 Display Tables with 108 Display Spaces, 63 Vendor Tables, and 16 tables for the Raffle, Awards, and Registration.  The A/C in the NG Armory worked better than last year, but at about 50% in June, it could have worked better, and after two years in a row, this cannot happen to our show again.

Speaking of Vendor Tables, we sold out the 63 tables we planned for this year, and still had a few more vendors on the waiting list.

As you can see from the stats published below, we had 41 display entrants with 37 models judged. If you include the additional models on display, we had over 184 models. Not too bad for filling less than half of the available Display Spaces.

The Numbers:

41 Display Spaces

4 Display Only Spaces (18+ items displayed)

37 Judged Entries (129+ items displayed)

Total Items Displayed = 184+

Judged Entry Classes:

9 Armor

4 Figure (3 comic/anime, 1 military)

2 Diorama (armor)

5 Vignette (2 military, 1 fantasy, 1 sci-fi, 1 auto)

7 Aircraft

2 Auto

0 Real Space

7 Sci-Fi

1 Ship

0 Misc.

Medals Awarded:

24 Gold

12 Silver

1 Bronze

Entry Skill Levels:

0 Junior

4 Basic

27 Intermediate

6 Advanced

0 Master

Judged Entry Subjects:

11 Armor

8 Sci-Fi/Gundam

7 Aircraft

3 Military Figures

3 Auto

3 Comic/Anime

1 Fantasy

1 Ship

Even though we had the most Judged Entries in Armor, this year we saw some very promising growth in the numbers of Sci-Fi/Gundam modelers who attended the show. The third largest Judged Entries were Aircraft.

We would like to see an increased participation by our young modelers. The lack of Junior entries was disappointing.

Ron Verberg earned the “Old School” Special Award with his Chinese Junk
Clint Mills’ M26 Pershing earned the “Terrible Twos” Special Award
Ray Engineer took home the Best Aircraft and the show theme award for his F-86 Sabre.
Ray Engineer receives the Judges’ Best in Show award.
Ray Engineer’s F-86 Sabre. Well done, sir!
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