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The lights are out, the party’s over…the 2021 South Carolina Scale Model Mega Show is on the books.

Thanks to everyone who came out and placed models on display. While we had a few little glitches with the new format, it seems to have been well received by everyone who spoke with us after the show.

We’re doing our post-show reviews, and will decide on what the course of action for 2022 will be. Stay tuned for information.

Here are the Best Of, Skill Award, and Special Award winners:

Class Winners

Best Armor:  1/72nd scale T62MV by Ken Guntin

Best Figure:  29th Infantry Division BAR Gunner by Greg Garand

Best Diorama:  “Smoke Break” by Herb Horvath

Best Vignette:  “Cup O’Murk” by Kip Rudge

Best Aircraft: 1/48th scale Nieuport 17 by Ken Miles

Best Automotive:  1956 Foose Ford FD-100 by Hector Guadalupe

Best Real Space:  Sputnik I by Ron Verburg

Best Sci-Fi:  Hexane Multi-missile Mech by Duncan Lindbo

Best Ship:  1/350th scale USS Hancock CV-19 by Michael Farina

Best Miscellaneous:  1/12th scale USAF F-104 Cockpit by Richard Davis

Skill Award Winners

Best Junior: Furniss Bliss, 1/35th Scale M1A1 Abrams

Best Basic Modeler: Hector Guadelupe, 1/24th scale Foose Ford FD-100

Best Intermediate Modeler:  Greg Garand, 29th Infantry Division BAR gunner

Best of Show (also serves as the Best Advanced Modeler):  Michael Farina, 1/350th scale USS Hancock CV-19

Theme Award Winners

2020 Theme Award “20/20 Vision: Reconnaissance Through Time”: 1/32 Rumpler C.IV by Rick Reinert

2021 Theme Award “When Bad Things Happen: First Responders and Disaster Relief”:  No eligible models entered.

Special Award Winners

Special Award–“Barbarossa! The 1941 Invasion of Russia”:  1/35th scale SWS Maultier Werfer by Michael Child (only eligible entry)

Special Award–“Sink the Bismarck!”:  1/700th HMS Ark Royal by David Koopman (only eligible entry)

Special Award–“Operation Desert Storm”:  1/32nd scale F-4G SAM Killer by Gary Hatherly

Special Award–“Racing Around the Clock”: 1/43rd scale Porsche 917LM by Mark Tutton

Special Award–“The Wings of Man–Eastern Airlines, 1926-1991”: No eligible models entered

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