Our Contest

We will be using the same format that we used in 2021. You may display as many models as will fit in the roughly 36″ square display area. Only one of these models is entered for judging.

The show theme this year is “The Atomic Age: 1946-1960”. We are also offering two Special Awards: “Old School” and “Terrible Twos”. Unchanged from last year are the field awards (medals) and the Category Bests (Best Aircraft, etc.). We will also offer the Skill Level Awards, as well as the Judges’ Best of Show.

This year, we have added a “Best Display” award. As you plan your display, you might want to have a theme for it–your display theme does not have to match the show theme, you can do a timeline, a collection, or anything you wish.

At the end of the day, we want to help each other become better modelers. The easiest way we know of is to create an atmosphere where modelers can share what each other knows, and encourage each other to build better models, without an artificial “winners vs. losers” atmosphere.

The rules are available for download below. The abbreviated rules are what many of you may be used to from the typical model show. The full rules break things down into smaller bits. If you want to try and win the show’s Theme award or one of the two Special Awards, you might want to grab the eligibility rules while you are here.

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