Our Contest

Entry Fees: 

Adults (18 years old and older): $12 for an exhibit space (approximately 36 inches by 30 inches)

Juniors (17 and under): $5 for an exhibit space

Adults 18 years old and older: $2

General Admission:

17 and under: No charge

WE NOW ACCEPT PAYMENT VIA VENMO! If you need to pay for Vendor Tables, Show Entries, and General Admission, our Venmo is @Ampswildcats

Simply retain the confirmation of Venmo payment and bring a copy with you to the show as proof of payment.

IPMS/USA or National AMPS members will receive a discount of $2 per adult or $1 per Junior with a current AMPS or IPMS membership card.  No card, no discount!  No exceptions!

Entrants may place as many models in the exhibit space as will fit, and arrange them any way they want.  We do ask that the model entered for judging is placed at the front (aisle) side of the exhibit for ease of judging.  There will be an award for the Best Display.

Only ONE (1) model per entrant will be judged.  The entrant is to decide which model on their display is to be evaluated.

A team of judges will examine each model entered for evaluation. This team will evaluate how well the modeler executed basic modeling skills in addressing molding flaws, construction flaws, finish, and markings.  Models will be scored using a 10-point scoring system, and the field awards (individual model awards) will be Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals based on the model’s score after evaluation.

We will offer the following Category Awards, the winners being determined via comparative judging:

  1. Best Armor
  2. Best Figure
  3. Best Diorama
  1. Best Vignette
  2. Best Aircraft
  3. Best Automotive
  4. Best Real Space
  1. Best Sci-Fi 
  2. Best Ship
  3. Best Miscellaneous

We offer the following Show and Skill Level Awards:

  1. Theme Award
  2. Best Display
  3. Judges’ Best of Show
  1. Best Junior Modeler
  2. Best Basic Modeler
  3. Best Intermediate Modeler

Eligibility rules for the Theme and Best Display awards can be found on the show website.  The Judges’ Best of Show and the Skill awards are determined through comparative judging.

Dioramas and Vignettes:  Dioramas are story-centric; Vignettes are model-centric.  If your diorama doesn’t have a strong story line that is conveyed by looking at the scene WITHOUT a written explanation other than the title, it might be better to enter it as a vignette.

Large entries:  If any one of your models is larger than the 36”x30” exhibit slot, you will need to contact us in order to ensure there is space. 

Group Entries: We encourage groups to enter together as club exhibits, Special Interest Groups, etc.  We ask that you follow these guidelines for group exhibits:

  • Each member of the group pays an individual entry fee. 
  • All members of the group must register together and at the same time.
  • At registration, the group’s leader should provide the name of the group to the registrar.
  • Groups may remove the markers between their individual display areas and organize their collective display area as they choose, but must leave the markers at each end of their collective display area. 
  • Groups must place all their members’ models entered for judging on the front (aisle) side of the table for ease of judging.
  • Group exhibits are prohibited from selling any merchandise other than Club shirts, hats, etc.  No sales of model kits or supplies are permitted at group tables. 



For a full explanation of the rules, please download the files below. Entry forms are being created and will be posted shortly.

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