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This year’s contest at the South Carolina Scale Model Mega Show will be different than many of you may be used to. We have combined both the AMPS and IPMS contests into a single event, and modified the contest structure into an exhibition event similar to the Military Miniatures Society of Illinois (MMSI) events.

In our show, the entry fee will enable the modeler a display space of approximately 36″ x 36″, and the modeler may display as many models that will fit in that space. Chairs will be available behind the display tables where the modelers are free to discuss their models with the other modelers and patrons who want to talk about their work.

Upon arriving at the Registration Table, the modeler will choose one model from their display for judging, and that model will be evaluated against a 10-point evaluation sheet. That model will also be eligible for Class awards (Best Aircraft, Best Armor, etc.), Best of Show, and any Special Awards that may apply to the model. That model, in effect, becomes the flag-bearer for that modeler’s entire body of work.

We feel this type of event encourages modelers to display and talk about their work and interact with other modelers, making the show a social event where the emphasis is on the models, not the medals.


Adults (modelers 18 years old and up): $12
Juniors (modelers 17 years old and younger): $5

Check the website frequently. We will be offering dedicated judges training sessions for all who are interested in assisting with the model evaluations.

THEME AWARDS (We have two this year):
“20/20: Reconnaissance through Time”
“When Bad Things Happen: First Responders and Disaster Relief”

“Desert Storm”
“Sink the Bismarck!”
“Racing Around the Clock”
“The Wings of Man”
Eligibility criteria are available below, with the rules packages.

We have received several questions about entering past winners.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: While we don’t encourage it, since the format of this year’s show is new to pretty much everyone, this year we will allow models that have previously won awards at any level to be submitted to the judges for scoring.

Remember, however, that the intent of this show’s scoring system is to evaluate a model and reward the modeler for his or her demonstrated skills and craft. All that one might possibly gain by entering a previous winner is additional confirmation that the model in question is an example of good model building skills. Wouldn’t it be more rewarding if the modeler entered new work that hasn’t yet been seen by a show judge and received feedback (either implied–a trophy, plaque, or medal–or expressed in the form of a score sheet)?

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