Our Sponsors

As with all model shows, sponsorships are important.

If you would like to sponsor an award plaque, please contact us at scmegashowinfo@gmail.com. Each sponsorship is $30 per plaque.

The Best of Class awards are:

C1. Best Armor
C2. Best Figure
C3. Best Diorama
C4. Best Vignette
C5. Best Aircraft (Sponsor: Documenting Aviation)
C6. Best Automotive
C7. Best Real Space
C8. Best Sci-Fi 
C9. Best Ship
C10. Best Miscellaneous

The Skill Level Awards are:

S1. Best Junior Modeler (Sponsor: Mighty Tiger Motorsports)
S2. Best Basic Modeler
S3. The Scott T. Amey Best Intermediate Modeler (Sponsor: AMPS Central South Carolina “Wildcats” Chapter)

    The Show Awards are:
    B1. Theme Award: “The Palmetto State” (Sponsor: ironmodeler.com)
    B2. Best Display
    B3. Judge’s Best in Show (Sponsor: South Carolina Scale Model Mega Show)

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