Our Sponsors

We welcome those who wish to sponsor our show. Unlike traditional shows, we do not limit our sponsorships to individual awards. While we do accept sponsorship donations for our awards, there are other ways to contribute if you are interested.

Additional sponsorship opportunities include donating items to the raffle or making a donation to cover show operating expenses.

Contact us at scmegashowinfo@gmail.com for further details.


The estate of Bob Spagnola
Bob Smith Industries
Alpha Precision Abrasives/Flex-I-File
Microscale Decals
ICM Models
Mr. Matthew Goodman
Mr. Ralph Nardone


The Monty Tuck Memorial Best of Show Award: IPMS/Mid-Carolina and AMPS Central South Carolina

Best Aircraft: Doorway Projects, Inc. Aerospace Resources
Best Armor: Tiger Werke
The James Palasz Award for Automotive Excellence (Best Automotive): Janet Hein
Best Diorama: Mr. Dave Brown
Best Figure: Charlotte Scale Modelers
Best Miscellaneous: Mr. Jeff Neal
Best Real Space: Ace Satellite Repair Company
Best Science Fiction: IPMS/Grand Strand Scale Modelers
Best Ship: Mr. Michael Carra
Best Vignette: Tiger Werke

Best Junior Modeler: Mighty Tiger Motorsports
Best Basic Modeler: Olde Ruff Consulting
The Scott T. Amey Best Intermediate Modeler Award: AMPS Central South Carolina

2020 Theme (20/20 Vision: Reconnaissance Through Time): IPMS/Mid-Carolina Swamp Fox Modelers
2021 Theme (When Bad Things Happen: First Responders and Disaster Relief): AMPS Central South Carolina

Special Award–“Barbarossa! The 1941 Invasion of Russia”: Mr. Jim Sloan
Special Award–“Sink the Bismarck!”: Mr. Jim Sloan
Special Award–Operation Desert Storm: Mr. Keith Frape
Special Award–“The Wings of Man: Eastern Airlines, 1926-1991”: Documenting Aviation
Special Award–“Racing Around the Clock–Best Endurance Racing Subject”: Mighty Tiger Motorsports

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