Our Vendors

We are now taking reservations for Vendor Tables. Each 8-foot table is $30.

If you are interested, please contact our Vendor Coordinator, Tim Darrah, at scmegashowvendors@gmail.com

There are only 24 vendor tables left–act soon if you want to sell at our show!

The following vendors have reserved tables for the show:

Randy Richardson
Kelsie Temples
Jose Rodriguez/AK Interactive
Dave Maher/IPMS Charlotte
Epoch Models (Greg Tost)
Christopher Bernique
Ed Ingersoll
Marion Miller
Gladys Vasille
Tiger Werke Models
HQ 72 Resin Products
Charles Harvey
Alan Horner
Pete Maher
Fred Stalbaum
GT Resin (Gary Hatherly)
John Topping
Starfighter Decals/Mark’s Models and Toys
South Carolina Military Museum
Jim Hamilton
Philip Hui
The Bill Brickhouse Memorial Stash (Chip Jean)

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