IPMS Show Information

The results are in!  Download them here.  2019 Results

Some clerical errors have came to our attention:

Category 544, Automotive – Competition, Closed Wheel, Other than NASCAR
3rd Place:  Mark Tutton, Ford GT40 Mk.4
2nd Place:  Andrew Cain, Porsche 911GT3 “Mobil1”
1st Place:  Tim Goheen, 1/12 Ford GT40

Category 140, Aircraft – Multi Engine:  The 2nd place winner is John Rooney’s 1/48 scale B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”.  The other awards were correct.

We will mail these folks the appropriate awards with our sincere apologies.

Contact us at scmegashowipms@gmail.com for information specific to the IPMS contest.

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