AMPS Show Information

Registration & Entry Fees

Our entry fees (please read carefully, as the AMPS Fee schedule is slightly different from the IPMS Fee schedule):

  • General Admission to the show to view the models and shop the vendor tables is FREE.
  • Adult Registration (18 years old and up): $15 for the first three models, $4 per each additional model.
  •  Junior Registration (persons under 18 years of age): $6 for the first three models, $3 per additional model.
  • Display Only models, Adults $15, Juniors $6, for unlimited models, on a space available basis. [Entrants must provide their own display table for any models / entries that exceed 48” in any dimension]

AMPS National Members receive a $2 discount, with proof of membership.

Modelers wishing to enter both contests will pay the basic Registration Fee once, and any additional model fees will be paid to the appropriate club.

Registration Forms

Click on form name to download a fill-able pdf form. Only one Master Admin Form is needed, while each model shall have a Registration Form

  AMPS Master Admin Form

  AMPS Registration Form

Instructions for How to Complete the Forms can be found in this file:

  How to Complete the Registration Forms

AMPS Show Theme:

This year’s MEGA-Show Theme is “Hit the Beach!“. Modeler’s Entry(ies) must meet the following requirements for Theme Award Eligibility:

  [TBP] (These rules apply to the AMPS side Theme Award ONLY!)

Any questions about eligibility will be decided by the AMPS Chief Judge whose decision will be final.

Entry Categories:

We will use the standard AMPS Categories for organizing all entries on the AMPS side of the Show (IPMS Categories and Rules will be used on their side of the show). The below list shows these categories along with the Best Of Awards we are planning.

AMPS Judging Rules & Judges Certification Class:

We use the AMPS Rules for Judging, which in general a judging Team evaluates each entry against specific criteria for Basic Construction, Finishing, Difficulty, and possible Research Bonus. These Rules for Judging can be found on the National AMPS website:

  AMPS Rules for Judging

If you are not already a qualified AMPS Field Judge, you should consider attending an AMPS Judges Certification Class we will conduct on Friday evening. Attendees will then have to execute the required number of Judging Shifts (at least two). This invitation is open to modelers of all experience levels, even Junior Modelers under 17 years of age!

If you are already a certified AMPS Field Judge, we can certainly use your help in the Judging Pits.

Contact us at for signing up for a AMPS Judges’ Certification Class or to be an AMPS Judge.


We’ll once again give out our Club’s Custom Awards for Judges’ Best of Show, Best Theme, Scott Amey Best Intermediate (see below), Best Basic, Best Junior, Best U.S., Best Russian, Best German, Best Commonwealth, Best Small Army, Best Figure, Best Diorama, and Best Vignette.

This year we will again use our Chapter exclusive “Wildcat” (called “Kitty” by some) Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Medals for each AMPS Category.

Our “Wildcat” Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Medals

We will also award a “Scott Amey Best Intermediate Model” Award in honor of Scott’s memory, a club member who passed away suddenly in 2014. Below are the previous winners:

  1. 2015 – Tony Abbott for his 1/72 scale WWI British Mark I Female Tank.
  2. 2016 – [Information not available – awarded during the AMPS 2016 International Convention].
  3. 2017 – John B. Franklin for his 1/48 scale “British Sherman Ic”.
  4. 2018 – Kevin Cook for his 1/72 scake “Le Tigre French FT-17”.
From left to right are Joan and Buck Amey, John Franklin, and Jeff Nelson at our 2017 Show

More Information…

Contact us at for information specific to the AMPS contest.

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